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Clip-On Portable Electric Reel Battery 10Ah 14.8V
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This Clip-On Portable Electric Reel Battery allows you to use your Power-Assist electric reels in the most convenient way possible. No need to carry those bulky SLA batteries anymore! This compact and lightweight battery pack is designed to be attached to your rod. It comes complete with hook and loop straps, a neoprene sleeve, and a charging unit. Its power and convenience rolled into one. A must-have for all Power Assist Electric Reel owners.

Charging Method:

  • Connect the charging unit to the battery, ensuring to line up the points on the connector. Failure to do this will short circuit the charger and battery, resulting in damage to the charger and battery
  • Connect the charger to the power supply
  • When charging the indicator will be red in colour, When the battery is fully charged the light will turn green
  • Charging time may vary from 5 - 10 hours depending on the level of power left in the battery after use
  • Initial charging time will be 8-10 hours
  • Splashproof

Clip-On Portable Electric Reel Battery Features:

  • Battery for Power Assist Reels
  • Compatible with Shimano 9000 Beastmaster, and 9000 Forcemaster
  • Battery with lead (2-pin plug)
  • Neoprene battery bag with strap included
  • Charging unit included
  • Test to wind 10000m under load on one charge
  • Capacity: 10AH
  • Output voltage: 14.8V
  • Input voltage: 16.8V
  • Lithium content: 3g
  • Lithium battery for power assist reels
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