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Optimized Process
Dive Gear

Founded in 1996 and 100% Nelson-owned, Big Blue is Nelson's longest-running diving and fishing retailer store + service center. We are incredibly proud to still be here serving Nelson's Diving and Fishing community.

Diving Equipment

Here at Big Blue Dive and Fish, we stock an extensive range of diving gear and accessories. We sell all major brands from Sunnto, Aqualung, Beuchat, Cressi, Mares, Splash, Sherwood, Atlantis and many more

Flexible Utilization
Optimized Process
Hire Gear

Here at Big Blue Dive and Fish, we sell and hire professional dive equipment. All of our rental equipment is in excellent condition and includes BCDs, Regulator Sets, wetsuits, fins, masks, tanks, and weight belts just to name a few.

Rental Price Schedule                 1 day
 1 piece 7/5mm Wetsuit              $20.00
 Reg with gauge, & octi               $20.00
                      BCD                                 $20.00
              Weight Belt                         $5.00

 Alluminium Cylinder 80cf         $20.00
           Mask / Snorkel                     $5.00
                     Fins                                  $5.00
                    Boots                               $5.00
                 Gear Bag                            FREE