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Shimano Lucanus Coastal Crab
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The Shimano Lucanus Slow Jig Coastal Crab presents anglers with a new approach to catching bottom species during the cold water season when the fish are inactive. Its aerodynamic head design lets it sink quickly to the bottom and stabilise the jig when retrieved. The dual eyelet design allows the bottom eyelet to tie the line with a sinker for fast current conditions. Plus, its multiple-hook system provides a higher hook-up ratio. What makes these jigs so appealing to fish are the vibrantly coloured silicone skirts and trailers, which flare and wobble during the lift and drop, making them simply irresistible. Perfect for getting that Snapper to the dinner table!

Enhance sportfishing
Bottom fishing with heavy tackle and cut-baits can be labouring and time-consuming; however. Lucanus takes the labour out of sport fishing and provides you with the freedom of fishing without the need for live bait.

Fish all season, each season
Lucanus is effective in each season but performs the best in cold water conditions when fish aren't so active.

Easy to fish with
Lucanus is an easy and simple style of bottom fishing with light tackle. Unlike Shimano's Butterfly Jigging technique's quick up-and-down motion, the Lucanus technique is a slow up-and-down motion a few feet over the bottom.

Shimano Lucanus Slow Jig Coastal Crab Features:

  • Effective for bottom species
  • Revolutionary design
  • Dual eyelet design
  • Glow eye
  • Multiple hook system
  • Durable silicon skirts and trailers
  • Easy to fish with
  • Super sharp Owner hooks
  • Action: Soft slow lifting
  • Size: 60 80 100 150 200
  • Colour: Sunset Crab
  • Quantity: 1
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