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Clip-On Portable Electric Reel Battery V2 10Ah 14.8V
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The New Power Assist Electric Reel Battery Enables You to Fish Any Where on Any Boat or Off the Beach,
No Need to Carry Those Bulky Batteries Any More,
Before Purchasing and connectiong ,Please Ensure Your Electric Reel Is Compatable to Be Used with This Battery,
Battery Size 210mm X 50mm X 50mm
Lead Length Inc Plug 360 Mm
Fits the Standard Shimano 9000 Forcemaster and the Standard Shimano 9000 Beastmaster,

New Feature Is the Power Level Indicator
With the single press of the button , you will be able to check the power level.

Battery Voltage 14.8 Volts
Pack Includes,
1 Battery with Lead, (2 Pin Plug)
1 Charging Unit
1 Battery Bag with Strap
Charging Method
1/ Connect the Charging Unit to the Battery, Ensuring to Line Up the Points on the Connector,
Failure to DO This Will Short Circuit the Charger and Battery, Resulting in Damage to the Charger and Battery.
2/Connect the Charger to Power Supply
3/ When Charging the Indicator Will Be Red in Colour, When the Battery Is Fully Charged the Light Will Turn Green,
4/Charing Time May Vary from 5 - 10 Hours Depending on the Level of Power Left in the Battery After Use.
Intial Charing Time Will Be 8-10 Hours,
Safety Instructions
DO Not Heat the Battery or Put in or Near an Open Flame
DO Not Insert Any Foreign Objects into the Battery or the Battery Connections
DO Not Use for Any Other Use Other Than Power Assist Reels
Please Use the Charger Supplied with the Battery
DO Not Use the Battery If It Is Damaged in Any Way.
DO Not Use in Temperatures Above 50 *c (112*f)
General Battery Tips
Lithium Batteries Have the Following Characteristics,
There Is an Automatic Circuit Inside the Battery , When It Is Not in Use for a Period of Time , It Will Discharge Naturally
So If Not in Use for Up to 3 Months the Battery Will Require Recharging,
During the Winter Months Lithium Batteries Will Loose Up to 20 % of Its Power ,we Classifiy This As Normal.
General Tips
Please Keep the Battery in Its Case Provided
Please DO Not Immerse the Battery or Its Leads and Terminals into Water,
If There Is an Abnormal Odour or Abnormal Heat Coming from the Battery , Please Donot Use the Battery,
Please Ensure the Battery Is Stored in a Safe Place When Not in Use,
Please Keep the Battery Out of Reach of All Children.
6 Months Form the Date of Purchase, Proof of Purchase Must Be Supplied
Any Alteration to the Battery, Shell, Charger,bag Will Void the Warranty.
Use of the Battery Other Than the Designed Use Will Void the Warranty.
We Accept No Liabilty for Any Damge to Any Reel This Battery May Be Used On

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