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  • Jigging Master - 45mm Round Power Knob For Daiwa or Shimano Reels
Jigging Master - 45mm Round Power Knob For Daiwa or Shimano Reels
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Black and Gold

Jigging Master super light weighted alloy ( NEW 40mm R- 40 for NS only & 45 mm R- 45 for NS and D ) Power Knob

(1) Designed for human palms comfort, designed for pros

(2) 35g (40mm) and 42g (45mm)of self-weight, twice anodic appearance.

(3) Support fits Shimano NS Cup 2008 STELLA-SW 4000XG/4000PG 5000XG/5000HG/5000PG/6000HG/6000PG 8000HG/8000PG/10000XG/10000PG/18000HG/20000PG 2009 TWINPOWER-SW 5000HG/5000PG/5000XG/6000HG/6000PG 8000HG/8000PG/12000HG/12000XG 2010 BIOMASTER SW 4000PG/4000XG/6000PG/6000HG/8000PG/8000HG 2009 ULTEGRA 6000PG 2010 ACERATION SW 6000PG/6000HG/8000PG/8000HG

電動 2009 CURADO 300H/301H TypeJ 301TypeJ 2012 1001HG/1501PG/1501HG/2001NR-HG/2001NR-PG 2011 1000HG/1500HG/1500PG/2000NR-HG/2000NR-PG 2010 2speed 2000/4000 2012 3000MK/1000MKHD/800MK/1000MK/800/1000/3000

電動丸 3000完全/3000KANZEN FUKASE-SP 9000BM ZB 3000BM MUTEKI 400C PLAYS 400C SC小船 800HD/1000HD/800XH/1000XH/2000XH/3000XH/800/1000/2000/3000 And Direct change for Shimano Catalog with Label 「L」 (2) (4) Support fits D Cup (40mm Supply NS only) DAIWA SALTIGA 4500/4500H 5000/5000H 6500/6500H/6500GT NEW CATALILA 4500/4500H 5000/5000H SEAGATE 4000/4000H 4500/4500H PHANTOM J 4000 4500 TOURNAMENT ISO 遠投 5500 6000 SALTIGA-Z 20/20L 30/30L 40 CATALINA 20H

電動捲線器 SEABORG 300MJ-L/MJ 300MJ-L 300MJ LEOBRITZ 300J SEABORG 400MM LEOBRITZ 400 SEABORG 270MM HYPER TANACOM 400F LEOBRITZ 300MT/500MT/750MT/1000MT SEABORG Z500MM/500FT LEOBRITZ BULL 500MM/750Fe HYPER TANACOM 500F/600Fe/1000Fe HYPER TANASENSOR 250F/300F/400F/500F IT’S ICV SOLAR 250/300 TOURNAMENT ISHIDA Z 30/40/50 NEW SEALINE ISHIDAI 40/50 NEW SEALINE ISHIDAI 遠投 40H遠投 and Direct change for Daiwa Catalog with Label 「L」 SPECIAL JM SHAFT: Any conventional reel with 5mm round hole on the handle position of arm.(A special shaft and a specific bearing from JM needed.). R-45 Price: Usd 78.0.-

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