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Salty Dog Salted Bait Vacuum Pack 900 gm Salted Bonito
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Fresh bait makes as big a difference to game fish as a fresh fish fillet or steak would make to you. Each Salty Dog Salted Bait Pack contains premium quality bait caught in the North Island of New Zealand. And what's more, these baits are vacuum-sealed for guaranteed freshness.

Salted Bonito
Bonito or Skip Jack Tuna is an old favourite because of its high bite ratio. The oily soft texture and smell of the Bonito drives fish crazy making it irresistible for fish to take a bite. Due to its high oil content and smell, it practically creates a natural berley trail drawing fish to your line. Great for targeting both inshore and offshore species, bonito can be fished on a variety of different rigs in both deep and shallow water.

Vacuum-sealed for freshness

  • Retains the moisture content of baits while preventing microbial growth
  • Extends the shelf life of baits
  • Protects taste and flavour
  • No loss of aroma
  • Ready to use
  • Tough

Salty Dog Salted Bait Vacuum Pack Features:

  • Vacuum sealed for freshness
  • Caught in northern New Zealand waters
  • Frozen fresh premium quality
  • Lots of juices and flavour to attract fish
  • Great bait for a wide variety of species and rigs
  • Bait: Salted Bonito
  • Weight: 900g
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