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  • Shimano Engetsu Limited B610M-S/Right Baitcaster Rod 6ft 10in 40-130g 2pc
Shimano Engetsu Limited B610M-S/Right Baitcaster Rod 6ft 10in 40-130g 2pc
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The new Shimano Engetsu Limited B610M-S/Right Baitcaster Rod is designed to provide anglers specifically fishing slider lures, the best action to trigger bites from the biggest Snapper. It features an ultra-light, yet super strong blank with really fast action and an extremely sensitive tip to let the lure swim in its most effective state. Blank construction on the Engetsu Limited has the leading Spiral-X core and Shimano X-Seat to provide a new level of comfort not experienced by anglers before.

Spiral X Construction
Spiral X construction consists of three layers: a blank made of vertical fibres, an inner layer, and an outer layer both comprised of carbon tape that tightly winds the blank diagonally in opposite directions. By using this carbon tape in place of a conventional horizontal fibre sheet, Spiral X achieves enhanced torsional rigidity without adding extra weight. This in turn facilitates instant power transmission for precise casting and fighting fish. Through its exclusive lightweight structure, Shimano's Spiral X construction enhances your "catching power."

Hi-Power X
In Hi-Power X construction, the blank's outermost layer is diagonally wrapped with carbon tape, which forms an array of "X" shapes. The width of the tape, its winding angle and the part of the rod being wrapped are fine-tuned according to the target fish species. The flexibility allows Shimano to adjust these wraps during construction for precise actions, enhanced overall strength and added twist resistance. In short, Hi-Power X construction delivers sharp and crisp rod control by the angler.

X seat
The new X seat makes maximum use of the rod's performance. Entering the angler's intention and feeling the answer from the fish grip is an important terminal for that. Shimano pursues the "grip ease" required in each scene and forms a novel idea.

X Guide
X Guide Aero Titanium is a lightweight titanium hollow frame equipped with Shimano's original special surface finish, a lightweight thin metal ring with high strength and high wear resistance. The smooth round frame with no corners or irregularities smoothes line resistance, reducing trouble and reducing damage to the line even if the line hits the frame during casting.

Carbon Monocoque
Carbon Monocoque grip is a new level of high sensitivity for rods with the innovative idea of hollowing the rear grip by carbon integral moulding. This allows for unprecedented lightness and sensitivity.

Shimano Engetsu Limited B610M-S/Right Baitcaster Rod Features:

  • Spiral X Core Construction
  • Hi-Power X
  • X seat
  • X Guides
  • Carbon Monocoque

Shimano Engetsu Limited B610M-S/Right Baitcaster Rod Specifications:

  • Length: 6ft 10in
  • Pieces: 2
  • Line Weight: PE 1.26
  • Lure Weight: 40-130g
  • Blank: Spiral X Core / Hi-Power X
  • Butt Assembly: Carbon Monocoque
  • Guide: X Guides
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