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Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000NR HG Jigging Reel
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The new Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000NR HG Jigging Reel just got an overhaul. The flagship of Shimano's saltwater jigging reels now comes with new exciting features like Infinity Drive and Micro Module Gear, which reduces 60% of the reeling resistance compared to the old model. The new handle is specially designed to provide a firm grip and the ability to give extra power without losing grip.

The combination of Hagane body and S-compact body results in an immensely strong and though lightweight jigging reel. The 8 shielded A-RB ball bearings and X-Protect provides smooth operation plus saltwater protection. The HG version with a gear ratio of 6:2.1 is ideal for jigging at a high tempo and for active bite activity. Plus, with a drag of 10kg, fighting the biggest fish is not a problem anymore.

The addition of the MicroModule gear technology to the worm shaft reduces oscillation vibration. This is an incredible breakthrough in design and delivers an outstanding level of smoothness without sacrificing strength or durability.

HAGANE Body means this reel has high rigidity and zero twists. The body stiffness and impact resistance virtually eliminate body flexing. The result transforms the anglers actions directly into cranking power. It's efficiency through strength.

By combining our water repellent coating and our specially designed, water channelling labyrinth construction, X-Protect provides high-level water resistance without sacrificing light gear and rotor rotation.

E.I. Anti-Corrosion Surface Treatment
After the ionisation process is finished, the second layer of surface treatment is added. This treatment is forced into the remaining surface impurities. This gives salt no hideout and also results in an extremely smooth-to-the-touch finish. A reel with E.I. treatment has more than double the corrosion resistance of a standard anodised reel.

Shielded Anti-Reverse Bearings
These bearings have been through the same process as the A-RB bearings, but feature shields on both sides of the bearings that reduce the possibility of salt or sand inhibiting the bearings' rotation.

Super Free
The Super Free bearing-supported pinion gear system (SF) was designed to eliminate friction on the spool shaft during the cast. In standard baitcasting reels, when the clutch bar is pressed down, the pinion gear is freed and can actually drag on the spool shaft, creating friction and limiting the length of the cast. With SF, the pinion gear is supported by a ball bearing and when the clutch is disengaged the pinion hear and spool shaft are kept in precise alignment. The result is zero friction on the spool shaft for increased freespool.

Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000NR HG Jigging Reel Features:

  • MicroModule
  • Hagane Body
  • X-Protect
  • E.I. Surface Treatment
  • Shielded Anti-Rust Bearings
  • Super Free System
  • Waterproof Drag

Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000NR HG Jigging Reel Specifications:

  • Gear ratio: 6.2:1
  • Max drag: 10kg
  • PE Capacity: PE4 - 300m
  • Weight: 595g
  • Retrieve Ratio: 117cm/rev
  • Handle: 80/92
  • Bearings: 8+1
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