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Shimano Overhead Reel Covers
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Keep your expensive Shimano overhead reels scratch-free with the Shimano Overhead Reel Cover. Its neoprene construction cushions your reel from bumps and scratches. And what's more, it's also designed to stretch for easy slipping on or off - so you can protect your reel even while it's still attached to your rod.

Shimano Overhead Reel Cover Features:

  • 2-tone 3mm impact-resistant neoprene
  • Protects your valuable conventional and baitcasting reels
  • All sides made of neoprene to help absorb the bumps and scratches
  • The design allows for fishing reel covers to be mounted while the reel is on or off the rod
  • Neoprene covers stretch to easily slip on

Baitcast Compatible reels:

  • Calais 100, 200 Series; Callisto 100 Series; Castaic 200 Series; Chronarch 100, 50 Series; Citica 200 Series; Coriolis 100 Series; Crestfire 100 Series; Curado 100, 200 Series

Small Compatible reels:

  • CT50, 100, 200; CTE 100, 200, 300; CTEDC 100, 200, 250; CVL 200, 300

Medium Compatible reels:

  • Bantam 1500LC, 50 Series; Calcutta 700, 400 Series; Calcutta TE 700, 400 Series; Cardiff 400 Series; Catala 400, 300 Series; Corsair 400A, 300A Series; Corvalus 400 Series; Tekota 600, 500; TLD-Star 20/40S, 15/30S; Torium; Speedmaster lV 30,Small reel cover 20, 16; Trinidad 40N, 30, 20, 16, 16N, 14, 12; Charter Special TR2000LD, TR1000LD; TRN 200G, 100G; Talica 12II

Large Compatible reels:

  • Tekota 800/700; Tiagra 20, 16, 12; TLD 25, 20, 25; TLD-Star 30; TLD 2 Speed 30II, 20II; Trinidad 50, 40

XLarge Compatible reels:

  • Tiagra 50WLRS, 50W, 50, 30W, 30WLRS, 30; TLD 2-Speed 50IILRS, 50II



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