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Shimano Talica 10 II 2-Speed Jigging Reel
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Unlike most jigging reels, the Shimano Talica 10 II 2-Speed Jigging Reel features an unbelievable 2-speed retrieve system – something incredibly rare for a reel this size. Essentially what this means is that you are able to easily change between the high 6.2:1 speed retrieve and the lower 4.1:1 speed retrieve with just a quick flick of a button. Low speed gearing is perfect for grinding out large stubborn fish, while high speed gearing is for quick retrieve when jigging, or fishing in deeper water. The unique two speed function makes it incredibly easy not only to hook the fish, but to land them as well.

Weighing only 516 grams, you will be able to jig all day long with the Shimano Talica 10 II 2-Speed Jigging Reel without getting weary. Despite being so light and compact this reel is easily capable of holding 350m of 50lb braid with a surprising large spool capacity. Team that up with a solid 9kg of drag and you have one 'Kingi slayer' of a reel on your hands.

Unbelieveable cranking power
The use of High Efficiency Gears in high and in low speeds sets Talica apart from all reels currently offered in the market. The incredible power in low and in high is what makes Talica a joy to battle big fish with. No longer will you have to decide between power in low gear or speed in high gear. Talica is the best of both worlds and lets you save your energy for hoisting that cow up for a photo!

Tough drag system
A smooth drag is very important and one that Shimano prides itself upon throughout the product line. The Talica Series is no exception to this rule. The tough drag system allows you to fish three or four line classes heavier than you would normally do on a reel of its size. Talica makes it more fun to fish since you spend a lot less time fighting your tackle and more time fighting the fish.

Compact design
When you first lay your eyes on a Talica - it's intriguing. When you feel what it's capable of - it's amazing! An incredible amount of testing for ergonomics went into the design process of this reel and the feel of it confirms this. Don’t let Talica's small stature and lightweight fool you, this reel is a beast. This reel also features a double anodised cold forged frame and spool, which makes the extra strong and resistant to harsh saltwater conditions.

Unique anti-corrosion feature
The Shimano Talica 10 II 2-Speed Jigging Reel features the new E.I. Surface Treatment. This drastically increases the corrosion resistance of the reel. E.I. is used on the spool, frame and sideplate - the most common spots where cancerous corrosion begins. This, coupled with the use of S A-RB (Shielded Anti-Rust Bearings) and drain holes to allow saltwater to escape the reel whether sitting on a shelf or vertically in a rack, gives anglers so much confidence in the reel's durability.

Shimano Talica 10 II 2-Speed Jigging Reel Features:

  • Compact, high speed, castable lever drag, with high capacity
  • E.I. surface treatment for extreme corrosion protection
  • One-piece cold forged and machined aluminium frame
  • Machined aluminium handle-side sideplate
  • Impressive line capacity for its size fitting close to 300yd of 80lb.
  • Cold forged machined aluminium spool
  • Lightweight spool with greaseless support bearings for excellent live-bait castability
  • Topless design
  • Oversized Carbon drag washers for ultra-high drag pressures
  • Waterproof drag (when engaged)
  • Silent twin-pawl anti-reverse
  • Ergonomic power handle
  • Ratcheting drag lever
  • Preset Knob with Click
  • Clicker
  • 2-Speed HEG (High Efficiency Gearing)
  • 6 S-ARB (Shielded A-RB Ball Bearings)
  • Aluminum Rod Clamp
  • Approved for use in Saltwater
  • Rated for use with Mono, Fluorocarbon and PowerPro lines

Shimano Talica 10 II 2-Speed Jigging Reel Specifications:

  • Line Retrieve Per Crank (in): 38/25
  • Mono Line Capacity (# Test/yd): 15/380, 20/270, 25/215
  • PowerPro Braided Line Capacity (#Test/yd): 40/540, 50/535, 65/335
  • Full Max Drag with Freespool (lb): 20.0
  • Strike Max Drag with Freespool (lb): 13.0
  • High Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
  • Low Gear Ratio: 4.1:1
  • S-ARB: 6
  • Weight (oz.): 18.2
  • Drag type: Lever drag
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